$10.00 Stereo microphone for Nikon D7000 DIY

I love my Nikon D7000. When I bought it, I didn’t think I would use it for video. The

DIY Nikon D7000 microphone Stereo

Homemade stereo microphone for Nikon D7000

microphone really didn’t matter to me.

The first video I took was very good. I was so impressed with it that I shot all the kids concerts with it.

I was not so impressed with the built in microphone so I went on a quest to build my own. Continue reading

DIY Nikon D7000 portable LCD screen

The Nikon D7000 is great for shooting video but sometimes you need an external display in moments when the camera operator maybe not so close to the camera or facing the camera making self video. Also works with Nikon D3100

First you will need
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD car rearview monitor mine was $18.96 on Ebay.
  • A battery case box for 4 Batteries.  Mine had a switch $3.19. Ebay.
  • 1/8 AV cable which came with the camera
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Korg AW-2 used for violin review

The Korg AW-2G (guitar version) is a small flexible chromatic tuner.

Having 2 kids playing the violin and me attempting to play, I struggled to find a good small tuner for the violin.

The Korg AW-2 chromatic tuner is fast. Did I say fast? I wanted to say FAST. Continue reading